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The U4RC concept is edge of control short course R/C on steroids. This is not groomed tracks and traction compound! A U4RC track combines not only the toughest desert sections, but big technical rocks, silt washes, the steepest hill climbs and of course terrifying descents. U4RC is heads up heat racing against your friends and family. Timed/scored heats let you know how you rate against the competition every day, and with competitors around the world. U4RC is taking your track experience to the next level of adrenaline.


U4RC’s main focus is to provide hobbyists an avenue to race RC vehicles in as similar and “scale” fashion as possible to the full size rock racing. There can be both endurance-themed and short course style tracks designed. It is the intention of U4RC to showcase the RC rig’s capabilities, not the physical condition of the driver, as much as possible.  These are RC car races, not human foot races. Courses will be designed with the intent of equal chance for all. It has to look like something you would see on a 1:1 trail, race, or street rig. We are looking to add tracks worldwide to be sanctioned, meaning you are willing to run our rules and classes for series scores. Tracks need to have a fast section, tight turns, changes in elevation, and technical rock sections. We don’t want drivers just to be able to come out and go fast. If you ever been to an Ultra4 race you will see there are fast sections and some very slow sections. For example: Bechard RC Raceway is about 600yds running length and it takes roughly 80 seconds to complete one lap.

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